We Strive for Zero Defects


We strive for zero defects in our company. It seems like a pretty simple philosophy, but it requires the commitment of every person at Sacoma. It also requires exceptional attention to detail: in planning, in production, in project management.

Total customer satisfaction is our goal. We follow lean manufacturing strategies to help us delight customers with our quality, service and on-time delivery. You deserve nothing less.

We’re also committed to continuous improvement in our processes and management systems: quality, environmental, safety, and legal. At Sacoma, it makes good business sense. More importantly, it makes good people sense. We share our beliefs with our people and those we do business with, customers, suppliers and contractors. Quality is a team effort.

Lastly, we monitor the effectiveness of our quality management systems, reviewing progress against company goals to ensure we continuously improve and deliver defect-free products to our customers. Our efforts have paid off in customer loyalty and meeting year-after-year, the highest standards of industry performance.